How Vital Checkups is changing the relationship between patients and doctors.


When the founders of Vital Checkups first got together, they discussed how they could improve remote patient monitoring, but as that conversation progressed, they started to see that remote patient monitoring could evolve into so much more. They built out a vision of changing the way patients could interact in convenient and live scenarios that could develop long term trust, access, reduced costs and positive experiences with medical professionals. That vision included added benefits to medical platforms and professionals for better outcomes, reduced patient churn and high levels of automation to increase patient throughput.

The vision was converted to reality with the Vital Checkups software and mobile application. This app connects patients with their own medical professionals and allows them immediate access to share health concerns and questions for prevention and early diagnosis. Patients and professionals can message directly through the app exactly like text messaging, and healthcare professionals can respond with texts, calls, or video to resolve any issues or escalate to a doctor visit.

Additionally, doctors can prescribe daily monitoring of vitals, self-assessment, and mental health conditions. These are then tracked live directly through the app, monitored and shared with professionals for patient review and assessment. This improves outcomes with higher rates of predictive diagnosis, early intervention, and reduction in emergency room visits.

We are thrilled that patients can now access their medical providers as easily as communicating with close friends. The future of healthcare is bright with the potential for a new equal relationship between patients and medical professionals.

We work with all types of practices and care managers to ensure profitable use of our technology. Please reach out to us today to learn more and explore opportunities to utilize Vital Checkups in your practice-

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