Enhancing Patient Care, Facility Operations, and Billing through Integrated Healthcare: A Collaborative Initiative by Vital Checkups, Bay Harbor Memory Care & Assisted Living, and Sequoia Integrative Medical Services

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Vital Checkups, Bay Harbor Memory Care & Assisted Living, and Sequoia Integrative Medical Services have partnered to create a groundbreaking program that integrates assisted care facilities and medical providers. This innovative approach aims to transform the healthcare experience for elderly individuals, promoting better patient outcomes, streamlining facility operations, and improving billing […]

Utilizing digital care delivery platforms to improve direct primary care

Direct primary care (DPC) clinics offer a unique approach to healthcare by providing patients with direct access to their doctor for a monthly or annual fee. DPC clinics typically have smaller patient panels, which allows doctors to spend more time with each patient and develop stronger relationships. One way that DPC clinics can further improve […]

How Vital Checkups Can Be Utilized by Onsite, Near-site and Occupational Health Clinics

Onsite, near-site, and occupational health clinics play an important role in protecting the health and safety of employees. By providing a variety of services, such as pre-employment physicals, preventative health, and occupational injury treatment, occupational health clinics can help to reduce workplace accidents and illnesses, improve employee productivity, and lower healthcare costs. Vital Checkups is […]

How Vital Checkups Can Help Medical Practices Grow Without Additional Investment Through Digital Healthcare Delivery and Patient Engagement

Many medical practices are looking for ways to leverage this digital healthcare to grow their business. However, many practices are hesitant to invest in new technology, as they worry about additional costs. Vital Checkups is a digital healthcare delivery platform that can help medical practices grow without additional investment in employees, real estate or technology. […]