Improving healthcare delivery through digital solutions

All In One Digital Health Delivery Solution For All Practices and Specializations

Redefining the Healthcare Experience

Doctors have live data on patient health and wellbeing

Patients have access to their own health data and trends

Patients have easy access to their healthcare providers for communications on care and health

Patients receive helpful reminders to follow doctors prescribed lifestyle

Healthcare professionals reach out to patients at early warning signs

Vital Checkups web based application provides medical professionals with the tools to improve their care, workflow and patient experience

Vital Checkups mobile application ensures patients have access to their health at their fingertips

Our Platform

Vital Checkups platform comes with features allowing any type of clinic to provide a full suite of digital health and patient experience tools to improve their practice. The software provides interoperability with other services to better care for patients and helping clinic operations.

Patient Monitoring (RPM, RTM, CCM, etc)

Health Automation

Patient Messaging

3rd party integration

Mobile Application


Our technology allows you to add new digital care and billings

Vital Wellness

Vital Checkups offers wellness providers an opportunity to improve outcomes and reach. With its mobile application and patient portal meeting the FDA approved requirements as a medical device, Vital Checkups utilizes features such as customized assessments, wearable devices, televisits, monitoring, active messaging, and others.

Insurance and Payor Solutions

Vital Checkups allows Insurance providers and other payors an efficient way to gather actionable data on patients and providers, improve patient outcomes, and control cost in Digital Healthcare. Our platform utilizes customizable PROMs and PreMs to meet all needs and use cases.

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